Say Goodbye to Tip-Toeing on Cold Tile

Install heated floors in your home in Federal Way, WA and surrounding King County

It’s always startling when you get out of a warm bed, shuffle to your bathroom and step onto ice-cold tile flooring. Save the slippers for someone else, and get heated floors instead. If you want a floor heating system in your bathroom, turn to Zen Surfacing in Federal Way, WA and surrounding King County.

Keep your feet cozy even through the coldest Washington winters. Call today to get an estimate on your custom flooring heating system.

Take steps toward toasty toes

Take steps toward toasty toes

More and more homeowners in Federal Way, WA and surrounding King County and the Pacific Northwest are installing heated tiles in their bathrooms. You should hire Zen Surfacing to install heated floors because:

  • There’ll be no more cold floors to shock your system after a shower
  • You can walk around your home without socks or slippers
  • You’ll be adding significant resale value to your home
  • Heating systems can be customized to best fit your needs
  • DIY jobs can leave hot and cold spots if not done correctly
  • Our system has a backup thermostat sensor

Zen Surfacing installs Schluter Systems heated floors. Schluter makes a high-quality product you can depend on. Reach out to us right away to learn more about our floor heating system installations.